We think that brands are just like good stories. This may sound fancy, but we believe it's true. A brand it's all about building a
unique and memorable narrative with a subtle twist that makes people like you and me tick. Tick and, hopefully, smile.

We also believe that brands breathe; that they have a life. Keeping your brand alive and kicking requires a good balance of strategic
thinking and design sensibility; and when it comes to startups or small companies, it also calls for the ability to dream big but act small.
Sometimes you need a quick logo revamp; others, you need to craft an experience from your website up to your store doorstep.

Walrus Consulting is a boutique communication strategy firm with a brand artisan gene. We take our time to understand the complexity
of your business and define your market challenge. We help you design your brand environment with the detail obsession of an artisan.
We bring your brand to life taking small steps that accompany each stage of your company's growth.

Some say communication is an art. Others argue it's a science. At Walrus Consulting we believe it's about bringing charming stories
to life that will ultimately help achieve tangible results, strengthen business strategy and be meaningful to people.

Brand Idea & Development
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Naming & Messaging

Corporate Identity
Graphic Materials
Website Design & Build

Retail and Store Design
Corporate Interiors
Events & Trade Show

PR & Reputation Management
Media Relations
Internal Communications

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Walrus Consulting is led by Martina Pikielny who believes that meandering roads lead to the most unexpected and wonderful places.

Martina has more than 15 years of experience working on communication, business strategy and entrepreneurship.
Her meandering roads include developing PR for Christie's Argentina, co-founding the first e-commerce startup in Argentina
and producing Ediciones Lariviére's photo exhibit "The Earth from Above" at Plaza San Martin. She also held leading
positions at Endeavor NY as communication Manager, at Fundación Vida Silvestre as Communication Director and
at Axialent as Marketing and Communication Manager where she worked for almost four years.

Walrus Consulting is Martina's brainchild from this long journey: the unexpected yet wonderful place where she has arrived
to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create powerful and charismatic brands that express their company's true ethos
through stories and experiences; brands that build a bridge with each company's stakeholders helping every business achieve its goals.

"Working with Martina was a great pleasure! She is highly committed to her work and brings both creativity
and polished execution to achieve all the goals that have been set on time. She has level of professionalism
hard to match in the market."

- Sebastián Haloua, CEO, Axial Analytics.

"I love working with Walrus because Martina shows a true interest in meeting the needs of my company.
Her bespoke and careful style makes us feel unique and special; but most importantly you never get "no" as an answer.
Martina is always willing to go that extra mile, especially on challenging situations, to achieve better results.
The Walrus process is simple and efficient; their production remarkable."
- Brenda Slettemark, Director, Hipervision Concept

"I want to congratulate Walrus for the design and production of our website and specially thank Martina
for the interest and hard work she has shown in order to bring it to life. The process was agile and smooth,
and every tiny problem was solved efficiently and in timely manner."
- Maria Rodriguez Alcobendas, Director, Talentia